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I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 20 years and quit in 1 day with the help of electronic cigarettes. The anxiety you feel when you think about quitting is normal and it will almost immediately disappear as soon as you pick up your first e-cig. You can still enjoy everything you love about smoking, but without the harmful carcinogens. Watch some informative video vaping reviews on the hottest vaping devices and premium e-liquid available on the market today.




A review of the new Tracer Starter Kit by Halo Cigs. The Tracer is an unregulated, 2600mAh battery and the Tracer tank is a stainless steel, adjustable airflow 3.5ml glass clearomizer. The Tracer kit was desig...

A review of the Halo Aspire Gusto Mini starter kit. A 900mAh battery, the Gusto Mini has a constant output of 17watts. The Gusto pods contain a 1.5 ohm coil and holds 4.2ml of e-liquid. The kit includes a warranty card, a user ma...

Halo Aspire Gusto Mini Review

At this point, you know you love vaping and everything positive that it has brought to your life. Most importantly, you can breath again. I vaped analogs for a few months until like most of us, I craved more vapor and a longer battery life. Unfortunately, technology hasn't provided a super powerful battery packed into the size of a cig-a-like yet. So, the next option is eGo type batteries which provide several hours of vape time along with larger e-liquid tanks that produce more vapor. The video reviews below are larger e-cig starter kits and accessories that are all great kits just with different styles and options to choose from.

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

A review of the all-in-one Kangertech K-Pin Mini Starter Kit Review. A 1500mAh battery, the K-Pin Mini features a retractable mouthpiece and a see through e-liquid window. The kit contains a 0.5ohm SSOCC coil and ...

Halo Aspire Gusto Mini Review

An unboxing, how-to and review of the myblu starter kit. Quit smoking cigarettes today for only $1.The myblu starter kit is a great way to switch to vaping. It comes with a 1.5ml Gold Leaf pod, a pre-charged myblu battery and ...